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  • Your Indianapolis Area home is for sale – should you decorate for the holidays?

    Wednesday, December 9, 2015   /   by Deborah Argenta

    Your Indianapolis Area home is for sale – should you decorate for the holidays?

    When a home is on the market during the holidays, there's always a question about decorating. Should you decorate?
    The answer is yes, certainly you should enjoy the holidays by making the house look festive. The trick is in doing it with a light touch and creating a balance that shows off the house to its best advantage.
    If you've got the space for a huge tree – go ahead and show off that benefit. However, if the space is smaller, opt for a smaller tree. Create a balance that won't make your living space feel crowded.  You want to demonstrate that there's plenty of room for family and friends in your holiday house.
    Balance and a light touch should also apply to the rest of your décor. Tables and fireplace mantles filled with figurines, pine boughs, and candles might be attractive, but they CAN make a home seem "overstuffed." In addition, those attractive displays can take the focus away from the house itself.
    So think in terms of enhancing the home's charm rather than creating focal points with décor.
    Should you place gifts under the tree? Sure – as long as they don't spill out all over the floor.
    In addition, you might want to be careful about what you place under the tree. I'd venture to say that almost every person touring your home is a legitimate home buyer – only there to see whether your house should be their new home.
    However, it only takes one crook posing as a buyer to pocket small packages in hopes of finding something valuable.  So if you've bought Dad a new Rolex, leave it in a locked drawer or cabinet until the showings are over and it's time to open gifts.
    Decorate your Indianapolis home tastefully. Then do your best to accomodate all showing requests. If you're going to be away, let your agent know how to reach you so you can respond to offers in a timely fashion. 
    And then... enjoy the holiday season.