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    Wednesday, January 27, 2016   /   by Deborah Argenta

    Selling Your Indianapolis Area Home? Fill out the property condition report with care

    When you're getting ready to sell your Indianapolis area home, you may be tempted to "forget" a few details when filling out the property condition report.
    I've heard many sellers say "If I disclose there was mold buyers might shy away." That's a valid concern. Depending upon the problem, some buyers might shy away, but failing to disclose is far too risky.
    If the buyers experience problems over the same issue, they could sue you for misrepresentation, and the financial damages could be severe. Even if they never have a problem, if the neighbors know about it and tell the buyers, a legal hassle could ensue.
    So disclose completely. When you do, your buyers will go into the transaction with their eyes wide open, and they can never come back on you for it because they will have signed the document stating that they were informed prior to the purchase.
    If you aren't sure whether or not an issue must be disclosed – such as a death in the hou ...

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    Wednesday, December 9, 2015   /   by Deborah Argenta

    Your Indianapolis Area home is for sale – should you decorate for the holidays?

    When a home is on the market during the holidays, there's always a question about decorating. Should you decorate?
    The answer is yes, certainly you should enjoy the holidays by making the house look festive. The trick is in doing it with a light touch and creating a balance that shows off the house to its best advantage.
    If you've got the space for a huge tree – go ahead and show off that benefit. However, if the space is smaller, opt for a smaller tree. Create a balance that won't make your living space feel crowded.  You want to demonstrate that there's plenty of room for family and friends in your holiday house.
    Balance and a light touch should also apply to the rest of your décor. Tables and fireplace mantles filled with figurines, pine boughs, and candles might be attractive, but they CAN make a home seem "overstuffed." In addition, those attractive displays can take the focus away from the house itself.
    So think in ter ...

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    Thursday, August 20, 2015   /   by Deborah Argenta

    The Role of Earnest Money in Your Real Estate Transaction

    Whether you're buying or selling a home here in the Indianapolis Area, you need to understand the role of earnest money in your transaction.
    The stated function of an earnest money deposit is that it is a good faith gesture to show that the buyer is serious about making the purchase. With that in mind, many believe that the larger the dollar amount, the more likely that buyer's offer will be accepted.
    Quite often that's true, because a buyer who changes his or her mind without cause could very well lose that money.
    "Without cause" is the operative phrase here, because many offers are filled with contingencies that give a buyer a "free out."
    Some contingencies are quite legitimate. For instance, the house must have clear title and the person selling must be the person who has the right to transfer that title. Other valid contingencies center around the condition of the home and property as reported after inspections.  One might be tha ...

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    Friday, June 12, 2015   /   by Deborah Argenta

    Should You Sell Your Indianapolis Area Home or Stay and Remodel?

    You may be thinking of selling your Indianapolis areahome because the floor plan no longer suits you or because the house itself is "tired." The kitchen and baths are out-dated, you need new paint, and your flooring is screaming "1980!"
    Perhaps it needs something major, like new roofing or a new heating or cooling system.
    Here are some thoughts to ponder before making your decision:

    Do you love your neighborhood and your neighbors?
    Could you find a newer home in that neighborhood?
    Is the location "just right" for you in terms of travel to work, school, recreation, shopping, etc.?
    If lack of space is the problem, do you have room on your lot to build an addition?
    Would it be possible to remove a wall, or open up an attic or basement to provide more space?
    Are you willing to put up with the inconvenience of living in a house that is essentially "under construction?"

    If you really like living where you live and there are no homes available that would s ...

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    Wednesday, June 10, 2015   /   by Deborah Argenta

    If the Appraisal On the Indianapolis Area Home You Want to Buy Comes in Too Low, What Can You Do?

    In the years since our lawmakers mandated that appraisals must be assigned by a third party rather than ordered by lenders, incorrect appraisals have become more common. According to the National Association of Realtors, agents report that as many as one in ten appraisals are incorrect.
    This is due to the fact that appraisers are sent to neighborhoods and even cities they don't know.  They're unfamiliar with things about location that affect value, and they haven't seen the homes they'll need to use for comparison.
    This is perhaps why appraisers are a bit more open to being challenged than they were 20 years ago, when they considered that their word was law.
    If you and your agent have done your homework and you know the home is worth what you've agreed to pay, you and/or the sellers, working through your agents, CAN challenge the appraisal.
    Do remember to approach it softly. Saying "You're wrong" to anyone won't get you far. Instead, off ...

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