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    Friday, February 20, 2015   /   by Deborah Argenta

    List No Indianapolis Area Home Before Its Time





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    Thursday, February 19, 2015   /   by Deborah Argenta

    Buying an Indianapolis Area home? Loyalty to your agent will help assure your success


    Some buyers believe that searching on line and calling every agent with an interesting listing is the path to finding the perfect home.
    When the agent asks what they're looking for and offers to help find other homes that might fit their needs, they turn down the offer – and keep calling more ads. They're afraid of being tied to one agent who might not serve them well.
    Those buyers might eventually be successful, but they're making the process much more lengthy and painful than necessary.
    The fact is, online ads are a good place to start learning about the market, but they're not the best place to actually find a home. For one thing, many of the homes you'll see on line are already sold, so you'll be wasting a lot of time.

    A working agent will only direct you to homes that are actually available.
    Secondly, online descriptions aren't always accurate or complete. Some make a shack sound like a palace while others fail to mentio ...

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    Wednesday, February 18, 2015   /   by Deborah Argenta

    Finally, Indianapolis Area Boomerang Buyers See Daylight

    There is a seven-year window for some past Indianapolis homeowners—and it’s one that’s opening, not closing. The ‘window’ in question is the one that could activate Indianapolis“Boomerang Buyers”—which would come as good news for the local home sales.
    Some background about Indianapolis Boomerang Buyers. It’s a term coined in the wake of the subprime mortgage fiasco, describing those burned by the housing crisis. They were, on the whole, Baby Boomers and GenXers who were caught up in the Great Recession. For many who became enmeshed in the effects of the nasty confluence of the cliff-dive of the subprime mortgage bond market and collapse of residential valuations that swept the nation, foreclosures or short sales became, literally, offers they couldn’t refuse. Not only did the bitter aftertaste leave many with a spoiled appetite for home ownership, but the damage done to the credit ratings of millions made that a moot ...

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